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Tell Me Something Good!

We are all craving good news, happy stories, and things to look forward to!  Well, here you go!

Rev. Randy Wilburn will be joining us for a 10 am Christmas Communion service IN OUR CHURCH on December 25th!!  We can only accommodate 40 people (including Randy and his LEM for the service) so please call asap to make a reservation!


Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting will be Sunday, January 17th beginning at 11:30 am.  It will probably be a Zoom meeting however more information will follow as the date gets closer.  All reports will be mailed out in advance of the meeting to give Trinity congregation members the opportunity to review the information prior to the meeting.


Vestry members and Treasurer needed for 2021:

There are several openings for Vestry members for 2021 including Sr. Warden and Jr. Warden.  Trinity is also in need of a Treasurer.  If you are interested in being on Vestry, serving as Treasurer or one of the Wardens, please contact Edie Kirk or Mark Andrews.  2021 will be a year of new beginnings for Trinity and you will have the opportunity to help chart the future for our wonderful church.


Services for December:

Rev. Jane Beebe will be with us on Zoom Nov. 29th and Dec. 6th.  She has a special service planned for Nov 29th – 1st Sunday of Advent – so please join the Zoom meeting through the video option or by phone.  We are thankful to Jane for her time with us, especially considering her broken arm and shoulder bone. We hope she recovers completely very soon!   Dec 13th, Dec 20th, and Dec 27th will be Morning Prayer services broadcast live on Facebook, and Christmas Day, Dec 25th, will be an in-person service with Rev. Randy Wilburn (see the first news item of this newsletter!).


Financial Decision:

Following the distribution of the Financial Information Packets in late October, and the discussions Vestry members had with members of the Congregation, the Vestry voted to sell the Davis House.  There are several steps needed prior to listing the house for sale and this information will be shared at the Annual Meeting.


Ken Kwasniak sharing his talents again:

Amy Verge recently shared that the Homeowner’s Association in the Condominium Community where she and Ken are now living invited Ken to become Vice President of the HOA!  He is already involved in analyzing what needs to be done around the community following the transfer of ownership of the Condominium Community from the developers to the Homeowner’s Association.  We miss Amy and Ken, but we are glad to know Ken has been recruited to become Vice President of their HOA!  Ken and Amy’s new address is 13 Seskinore Ct, Dover, DE 19904.


Prayer list

Please keep Rev. Jane Beebe, Joe Zegarra, Ann Turley, Sandy Ulen, Mark P. and Jean Andresen in your prayers for continuing improvements in their health and wellness.


December Birthdays:

Tim Chagnon (12/7), Dick Sterndale (12/16), Martha Klassanos (12/22)


Chuckles for this month:

Why did Rudolph get a bad report card?  Because he went down in history.

Why do mummies like the holidays so much?  They are into all the wrapping!

What do you get if you cross an iPad and a Christmas tree?  A pineapple

What famous playwright was terrified of Christmas?  Noel Coward


Quick Reminder – Please send in your pledge cards!


My Favorite Christmas:

My family moved from Mountain Lakes, NJ to Sudbury, MA the summer before I entered the fifth grade.  We had been going to a small Episcopal church in NJ and St. Elizabeth’s in Sudbury was larger and had a Youth Choir.  The choir loft was tucked in a small area above the organ of the church, and we had to wear ankle length black robes, ugly black caps, and white smocks.  Many a hymnal was dropped going up or down the narrow stairs!  Christmas was the best service of the year, because we sang Christmas Carols for half an hour before the 10 am service, and then we lined the sidewalk to the parking lot, singing more Christmas Carols, when the service ended. The first year I joined the Youth Choir was the best because everything was new, and it seemed extra joyful to me.  In 2020, Christmas is especially difficult for many of us because singing is missing from church and other gatherings of the season.  I hope all of you will find your own ways to listen to Christmas Carols everyday this Advent, and sing them loud, often, and with great joy.  I recommend “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” Hopefully that hymn is now planted in your brain and you will be humming it for at least a few minutes after you finish reading TEC Talk.


Last issue of TEC Talk:

Speaking of TEC Talk, I will be stepping away from the TEC Talk newsletter when my term as Sr. Warden ends in December.  Hopefully, TEC Talk has brought you news and given you a laugh now and then.  I have loved writing it and want to thank Buffy for her help with design and distribution.  My best wishes to everyone for a joyful and joy-filled holiday season!  Stay well, my friends!!

Edie Kirk

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