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Trinity Episcopal Church, Ware MA

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Easter Sunday 


What to Expect

Sunday August 7th : Cheryl Blancato, CEO of Second Chance Animal Shelter will be speaking about the multitude of valuable services offered.

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity,

“You shall have no other gods”….but, when I look in the mirror I see the unholy Trinity, “me, myself, and I”. The Bad News is, it is not about you; the Good News is, it is not about you. This Sunday we remember we live “in-between”.  The Scriptures are:

             Isaiah 1:1, 10-20                  Psalm 50: 1-8, 23,24

             Hebrews 11: 1-3,8-16         Luke 12: 32-40

Prayerfully read and reflect upon these verses to enrich your worship experience

+Thank You for your continuing generous support of Trinity. Your giving of your time, work, and finances

sustain us, and provides a platform for our mission outreach.   

+Worship this Sunday we welcome  guest speaker Cheryl Blancato, CEO of Second Chance Animal Shelter to speak about the many facets of their mission.  We will be downstairs with safe distancing of chairs and masks are requested. We will share Walking Communion. Next Sunday, August 14, we will be back upstairs in our Sanctuary. We will decide week to week about where we worship, but as of next week we will be in our Sanctuary.

+Life Together is the heading for my column in the Ware River News. It may appear two or three times a month.

Watch for my next offering focusing upon grief.

+Jubilee Board: A new Board with representatives from Trinity and the Cupboard will meet Thursday, August 18, at 6:30pm. This Board will create a place for conversation, evaluation, and planning for the excellent work of the cupboard and our partnership with them.

+COVID: We are learning to live with Covid. Some have had Covid one or two times. We are mindful about our safety as we gather for worship and fellowship. We will decide about in-person worship as we move forward. So far, when in the Sanctuary, we feel comfortable worshiping together. I hope and pray this remains to be true.

+Vestry: Our Vestry continues our Vision Quest. We have worked on our mission and our values. Now we turn to our Vision. What does the future hold and how can we shape it? What does the Holy Spirit have in mind for us? What are the things we do well, and how can we deepen and broaden them? In the future, what do we want to look like, what identity do we want? Your prayers are invited.

     “A House divided cannot stand”; “no one can serve two masters”. We live in a country that feels like a house divided. These are intense times, filled with anxiety, doubt, mistrust, and fear. The Christian community is called upon to affirm unity, peace, trust, and hope. We are not naive, we see the reality of what we see and experience. We see and know the truth. So, together, we live into our faith. As Hebrews 1:1 says, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. We dare hope and trust the things we cannot see. God is at work. Christ is in, with, and under our life. He is fully present and will lead us into the future. May we trust His word.

Prayers Ascending

Pastor Randy Wilburn, Bridge Pastor

Prayer for Ukraine: As we witness the horrific events in Ukraine, we turn toward each other and turn to God in prayer. We seek a peaceful resolution to the destruction and death we see. We pray for wisdom of our world leaders. We pray for comfort and relief for so many who have lost loved ones. We pray for those who stand for justice and peace and refuse to give into the threat of extermination. For most of us this is new. Not many of us were alive or remember the 1940’s in Europe, but now we have an idea of what that was like. We pray for an end to war. More than ever, we need to come together and be the Beloved Community God has called us to be. May God lead us into the future and show us how God can make “all things new”. -Prayers Ascending,  Pastor Randy Wilburn, Bridge Pastor

Trinity Episcopal Church welcomes you! When you join us for worship you will be greeted and given a bulletin that will help guide you through the order of the service. Episcopal services are based on The Book of Common Prayer which will be the red book in your pew.

During worship you will be able to follow along from the bulletin with the corresponding page numbers in The Book of Common Prayer. There will be several opportunities where you can enjoy or join in singing hymns. Music and words for the hymns are found in the blue hymnal in the pew.

Episcopal worship is centered around Communion, also known as The Holy Eucharist. All are invited to come forward and receive the bread and wine during communion, or if you would prefer you can come forward to receive a blessing by the priest or simply remain seated.

Services start at 10:00am on Sundays and typically last about one hour.

After service, please join us for downstairs for coffee hour in Morrill Hall. A chairlift is available if needed.

If you would like more information about the Episcopal Church or how to join or get involved please see a church member or send an email to secretary@trinityware.org.

Trinity’s mission is much more than Sunday Services.