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Trinity Episcopal Church, Ware MA

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Easter Sunday 


What to Expect

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity,

Prayers for healing bring wholeness and hope. We may not be “cured”, but we are a whole person facing whatever suffering or death comes. This week we hear Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, and for the world. We focus upon the power and process of prayer. The Scriptures are:

               Acts 16:16-34                    Psalm 97

               Revelation 22:12-14, 16,17, 20,21

               John 17: 20-26

Prayerfully read and reflect upon these verses to enrich your worship experience. Consider this:


       P:      Practicing

       R:          Resurrection

       A:             As

       Y:                Your

       E:                  Ego

       R:                    Recedes

It’s not about you.  It is about the Christ and the Grace freely given to all.

 Memorial Day: This Sunday we remember the thousands who gave their lives for our freedom. My father was in WW2, my classmates were in Viet Nam, my son is a Marine, and the white crosses in the cemeteries are like oceans of pain and suffering. War is the last resort and we see it live in Ukraine. May God bring resolution to that destroyed country.

Prayers for Healing: As you kneel at the altar rail, if you want prayers for healing and the laying on of hands, simply point to your forehead and I will offer prayer. This worked last Sunday and seems like a good way to do both prayers for healing and distribution of Communion.

Stewardship for All Seasons: Thank you for your continuing financial support of Trinity. Your generosity all year long sustains us. As we learn more about our missions to whom we contribute financial support, we realize that Stewardship is not confined to a three – week appeal in the fall, for pledging. It is for All Seasons. We are Blessed to be a Blessing.

PENTECOST WORSHIP: Sunday, June 5, we will celebrate Pentecost. Wear Red and come sing along with our guest organist. Anyone who can read a second language please let me know. We look forward to an uplifting day.

Thank You: We are a team. We are blessed to have so many of our people serving in so many obvious ways and  in ways we do not see. From Altar Guild, to Acolytes (our angels), to LEMS, to Lectors, to Ushers, to Counters, to Coffee Hour, Buffy for the bulletin board, and care for our property. Especially the outside beauty welcoming people. As a team we generate creative and responsible stewardship of all we have received. Thank you.

Gun Violence: When is enough enough? Uvalde, TX, 19 children and two teachers dead. When and how did the violence become part of our culture?

Not a political gun ownership issue, but an issue about reasonable and effective prevention of such violence. No one is or wants to take away our guns. But we are challenged when confronted with universal background checks, licence and training to carry, and assault rifles and large magazines for rapid and multiple killings. You have to be 25 to rent a car; 21 to drink alcohol, but at 18 you can buy an AR 15 and kill many children in seconds. How Long O Lord?  Will this be the last one?  As Sen. Murphy from Connecticut asked on the senate floor, “What are we doing?  Why are we here?”  Prayers Ascending for those families who sent their child to school, that’s all they did.

       Covid continues.  Ukraine is not a fading headline. Division and hate speech are blaring at us on TV and social media, and our governing leaders are confused, may the Holy Spirit bring healing, clarity, reconciliation, and unity. We hope to know the truth, and we pray the truth will set us free. How is your prayer life?  May God guide you as you learn the discipline of prayer which liberates you. The call to prayer is not meant to be intimidating, but life-giving. May it be so for you.

Prayers Ascending, Pastor Randy Wilburn, Bridge Pastor

Prayer for Ukraine: As we witness the horrific events in Ukraine, we turn toward each other and turn to God in prayer. We seek a peaceful resolution to the destruction and death we see. We pray for wisdom of our world leaders. We pray for comfort and relief for so many who have lost loved ones. We pray for those who stand for justice and peace and refuse to give into the threat of extermination. For most of us this is new. Not many of us were alive or remember the 1940’s in Europe, but now we have an idea of what that was like. We pray for an end to war. More than ever, we need to come together and be the Beloved Community God has called us to be. May God lead us into the future and show us how God can make “all things new”. -Prayers Ascending,  Pastor Randy Wilburn, Bridge Pastor

Trinity Episcopal Church welcomes you! When you join us for worship you will be greeted and given a bulletin that will help guide you through the order of the service. Episcopal services are based on The Book of Common Prayer which will be the red book in your pew.

During worship you will be able to follow along from the bulletin with the corresponding page numbers in The Book of Common Prayer. There will be several opportunities where you can enjoy or join in singing hymns. Music and words for the hymns are found in the blue hymnal in the pew.

Episcopal worship is centered around Communion, also known as The Holy Eucharist. All are invited to come forward and receive the bread and wine during communion, or if you would prefer you can come forward to receive a blessing by the priest or simply remain seated.

Services start at 10:00am on Sundays and typically last about one hour.

After service, please join us for downstairs for coffee hour in Morrill Hall. A chairlift is available if needed.

If you would like more information about the Episcopal Church or how to join or get involved please see a church member or send an email to secretary@trinityware.org.

Trinity’s mission is much more than Sunday Services.